I am the Superhero of My Life Story

Heroes and stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things are a huge part of children’s lives and have been the theme of this month’s activity during groups. At the Center we’ve been talking about what it means to be brave/courageous and what it means to be resilient.  This activity offers the opportunity to think about and talk about our innate strengths as super powers which help us make it through difficult times. 

We asked the children what does it mean to be a hero? And what does it mean to be brave? These questions gave them the opportunity to acknowledge and name some of their own strengths and recognize the strengths that their deceased loved one may have taught them. With all of these things in mind, we invited the children to design a Super Hero Cape for themselves. And our Pet Therapy Dogs joined in on the fun too.

Everyday the Center comes in contact with heroes in disguise… volunteers, donors, potluck partners, pet therapy dogs… everyone who makes this program possible is a hero in the eyes of the Center and the children that we serve. Thank you for all you do!