The Children’s Bereavement Center provides a unique clinical setting for undergraduate and graduate students. Our internship program offers our student counselors the opportunity to work with children while gaining valuable knowledge and communication skills under professional supervision.  If you are truly interested in helping children and their families, we welcome the opportunity to interview you for one of these clinical internship positions.

Due to the rising need for bilingual counselors, we are specifically looking for Interns who are fluent in Spanish.  If you are bilingual and interested in applying for Fall 2022, please apply no later than June 8th , 2022.  Please fill out the application and upload supporting documentation. 

If you are a student intern and you currently have a site for Fall but need additional hours or more experience in facilitating groups, we do have a few Adjunct positions available.  An Adjunct Student Counselor is expected to co-facilitate two separate evening groups each week for the entire semester.  Please apply on the Practicum/Internship application.

For more information about our internship program please reach out to Lisa Buendicho by using our online form.