Wonders & Worries in SA, TX

Wonders & Worries is San Antonio’s first support program for families in crisis due to a parent serious life/threatening diagnosis condition that can include cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, as well as many others. Prior to July of 2017, support services like these were not available to children and families in San Antonio. Now, thanks to a collaboration between the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, the START Center for Cancer Care, and Wonders & Worries of Austin, local families have a resource available when they receive life-threatening news for a family member.

Wonders & Worries ensures that children and teenagers (ages 2-18) can reach their full potential even though their parent is going through a serious illness. A parent’s illness can affect a child’s mental health, brain development, relationships and school performance. But with tools and guidance, families can strengthen their communication and effectively support each other. All services are provided free of charge, and offered in English and Spanish.

Services Provided:

  • Individual Sessions: Providing one-on-one support for ages 2-18
  • Group Sessions: Bringing together children ages 5+ to meet others coping with similar experiences
  • Parent Consultations: Connecting parents with methods to better manage & communicate during an illness, through consultations and parenting classes

Professional child life staff will work with the children, teens (2-18 years of age) and their caregivers through activities, education and self-expression, so that they gain:

  • Age-appropriate understanding of the illness, treatments and side effects
  • Strategies for expressing feelings related to changes in the family
  • Skills for coping with stress, anger, sadness and fear
  • Confidence in how to communicate openly, honestly and constructively
  • Connections to peers sharing similar experiences

Again, these services are offered free of charge in English and Spanish.
For more information on Wonders & Worries, please check out their website at https://www.wondersandworries.org/.

For more information, please call (210) 307-4853 or fill out a referral sheet HERE.

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