What to Expect at a Support Group

A typical grief support group night is as follows:

6:30pm: Dinner is prepared and served by our community volunteers, also known as our Potluck Partners. All the families attending group for that specific night eat dinner together, at the table in our dining room. This time helps families relax and nourish themselves.

7:00-8:00pm: The Volunteer Program Coordinator for the evening will begin the support group by ringing the gong, which gathers the families so the coordintor can explain the theme for the evening. After that, the caregivers go into the living room area for their adult grief support group while the children are separated into different areas, by age, in our home to discuss their grief with the other group members. The children’s groups meet on the second floor of our building to utilize our various expessive art rooms to express their grief in setting appropriate for their age.

8:00pm: At the end of the hour, the children and their caregivers meet back in the living room to sing the CBCST song and say good-bye to fellow group members.

If you need more information about our grief support groups, please contact the Programming Department at (210) 736-4847.