Out Came the Sun

Out Came the Sun is a guide for parents, grandparents, teachers – anyone who may come in contact with a grieving child.

The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences any of us will encounter during our lifetime. If it is difficult for an adult to cope with this loss, imagine how it affects a child who lacks the knowledge, experience or even the vocabulary to express what they are feeling. For 20 years, the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas has focused its efforts on meeting the needs of children and youth who have experienced the loss of a parent, sibling, friend or other loved one.

Annually the Center provides grief support services for over 1,500 individuals, 60 percent of which are children from age 3 to 24. However, we know that there are many more grieving children in San Antonio who need support and understanding, but who we do not reach. For every one of these children, there is an adult parent or caregiver who is struggling to meet the needs of the child, while coping with their own grief.

Recognizing this need, we have produced the enclosed booklet. Out Came the Sun is a labor of love. It contains helpful information for parents, family members, teachers – for anyone who may come in contact with a grieving child. We want to distribute Out Came the Sun to organizations and individuals who would find it most useful.

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