Beyond the Walls

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Recognizing that many professionals cannot travel to attend sessions in San Antonio, in 2014 the Center launched distance learning opportunities in collaboration with M/M Learning. Training videos and interactive webinars allow professionals to gain expertise in children’s bereavement from other locations in Texas and beyond. For additional trainings and the full Grief Education Institute schedule, click HERE.

Overview of a Child’s Journey Through Grief
Join the Center and explore the grief process for children and receive helpful ways in which adults can support them on their journey through grief.

Loss and Grief in Childhood with Ira J. Chasnoff, MD
Dr. Ira Chasnoff provides insights regarding the impact of grief and trauma on childhood brain development.

The Physiology of Grief
Explore the impact of grief on both the brain and body. This training also provides age appropriate interventions for children going through the grief process.