Teens Take on Grief

In our community more than 1000 youth under the age of 19 experience the death of a parent or sibling each year.  Death and the resulting grief are a part of everyday life for many teens.  Respecting that teens are in their own unique phase of life, we want to offer them their own time and safe space for TAKING ON their grief.

One Friday per month the Children’s Bereavement Center will host a Teens Only Group. With the whole house to themselves, teens will have the opportunity to eat, socialize, focus on a theme of grief, and TAKE ON their grief using any expressive modality available at the Center. Parents must give permission, but do not participate.

This pilot program will meet on Friday evenings, from 6-8 p.m. Dates are available in April, May, and June.

For more information, call Tami Logsdon at (210) 736-4847, ext. 221.

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