Animal Assisted Interventions: More than just taking your dog to work

presented by Tiffany Otting, PhD, LPC

1. Identify and understand basic terms related to Animal-Assisted Interventions
2. Identify key terms and basic understanding of Human-Animal Relational Theory (HART)
3. Obtain understanding of neurobiological aspects of Animal-Assisted Interventions

Tiffany Otting, PhD, LPC

Tiffany Otting, PhD, LPC Biography:

Tiffany Otting, PhD, LPC is the co-founder of Revolutionary Wellness in Georgetown, Texas. Her work in animal assisted interventions (AAIs) has been cited in Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling (3rd edition), by Dr. Cynthia K. Chandler at the University of North Texas, and Animal-Assisted Interventions for Emotional and Mental Health Concerns: Conversations with Pioneers in the Field, a book she co-edited with Chandler. Tiffany works with her 4-legged therapy dogs (Pearl and Wally), cat (Lola), and rabbits (Footsy, Goldy, Spot, and Whiskers) to help clients across the lifespan.