2019 Fiesta Medal is HERE!!

Thank you to Melissa Wootan (mom to Kyley-Bug) and Stephanie Sheffield (aunt to Kyley-Bug) for sharing their design with the Center this year. Ten years ago, Melissa’s daughter died in a car accident and was buried on her 17th birthday. Melissa and her family began attending the Center’s Sibling Group with their son. Melissa shared that she was broken, her heart, her family and couldn’t see any hope for healing. She was afraid that if she moved forward, she would leave her daughter behind. The Center helped Melissa to know that it was okay to move forward and live a joyful life without her daughter.

Thank you to Jefferson Bank Trust for sponsoring the 2019 Fiesta Medal.

This year’s medal was inspired by Kyley’s beautiful life that was cut short at the age of seventeen. The butterflies appear to have just taken off in flight, the third butterfly’s wings are spread as if it is soaring. On the wings of all three butterflies are symbols that people commonly associate with lost loved ones: feathers, balloons, and rainbows. All of which are colorful, just like Kyley’s spirit. These are the little things Melissa and her family will take with them into the future that provide sweet reminders, and at times even assurance, that their lost friends and family are still with them.

 Melissa hopes that the takeaway from this medal is that you don’t have to stay in your brokenness. That’s it’s possible, even okay, to move forward in healing. And something that’s so important to the grieving heart… the knowledge that you carry your loved one with you always.

You can find this year’s Fiesta Medal at the Fiesta Store, located at 2611 Broadway St, SA, TX 78215!!

For more information, please contact Franchesca Velten at [email protected].