Loss and Grief Becoming Tangible Through the Arts

Presented by Gabriela Gamez


  • To learn how the expressive arts can introduce alternative ways for self-expression during grief. 
  • Introduce the role art materials play in the healing process.
  • The importance of knowing typical child development during expressive arts interventions.
  • Participants will their own art piece and discuss how this might enlighten their work with grief. 

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Gabriela Gamez

Gabriela Gamez biography:

Gabriela Gamez is a registered and board certified Art Therapist with experience in pediatric medical settings holding a strong interest in child development in the midst of trauma. 

She has worked with children, teens and young adults with acute, chronic and terminal illnesses at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City and at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. 

As part of the Beareavement Committee at NYU Langone she also worked with families, building legacy experiences through the art making process. 

She has presented in the Art and Healthcare conference in Detroit as well as at the Child Life of Greater New York on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Gaby has been a volunteer at the CBCST  for three years helping facilitate children and adult groups. As the founder of Annie Creative Studio for Wellness she provides tailored services to people of all ages and all abilities.