Grief Support Group Facilitator

Thank you for your interest in being a group facilitator. As a facilitator, you will be assisting in our group activities and providing support to children/teens/young adults and/or their caregivers who are grieving the death of a loved one.

1. Serve as member of the Volunteer Facilitator Team for one year.
2. Consistently attend support groups including pre-group and post-group meetings (evening groups are 5:45-9:00 pm). Saturday and Sunday groups are 12-3 pm.
3. Provide emotional support to children/teens and families during the bereavement process
4. Listen to a bereaved person’s personal story with empathetic assurance of the grief process
5. Reserve confidentiality of client/family concerns

1. Be empathetic to bereaved families
2. Have a genuine concern for children/teens/adults
3. Be prompt and dedicated
4. Be flexible and open to change in meeting the spoken & unspoken needs of those in grief
5. Complete the volunteer application process – including DPS clearance
6. Complete Facilitator Training

Time and Place:
All support group sessions are currently held at 205 West Olmos Drive. Facilitators are assigned to a program night based on their availability. Facilitators will work with a specific age group on their assigned program night/afternoon.

Commitment Period:
One Year (For Students: Continuing an additional semester will be at the discretion of the Program Director.)

Supervised by:
Program Coordinator for specific group and Director of Programs


Applications for Group Facilitators are accepted year round but you do have to attend a volunteer training session.

Deadline the next round of Group Facilitator applications for Fall 2019 is June 14th!

To apply for a Group Facilitator position, please submit the following to [email protected]*

*Please note, in order to be eligible for an interview, all documents above must be submitted.