2018 Fiesta Medals are HERE!!

Don’t miss out on your 2018 Children’s Bereavement Center Fiesta Medal!!

Purchase your 2018 CBCST Fiesta Medal online HERE through the Fiesta Store for $8 or you can also pick up your medal at Schnabel’s True Value Hardware store, located at 4337 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212.

All the money raised from Fiesta Medal sales goes towards funding the Center’s free grief support groups for children and their families.

Thank you to Core Creative Promotions
for the beautiful production and medal design.

The Wade Richmond Foundation Matching Challenge


The Wade Richmond Foundation is offering the Center a $100,000 matching challenge in loving memory of their son, Wade.
All funds received during the month of October 2017
(That is October 1 – October 31) count towards the match.

Starting Sunday, October 1st, you can donate via website, check, cash or through any of our October events.
Please visit our website for more information
or call the Center at (210) 736-4847.


Happy Birthday to Us!!!

Martha Atkins relieved her sadness at the death of her brother, by imagining a grief center in San Antonio just for children. In 1997 that dream became reality when she began offering peer support to San Antonio’s grieving children. She started by offering one peer support group that served 19 families, carrying the materials she used for the groups in the trunk of her car, and borrowing space from different local churches for the group meetings.

Soon after its inception, the San Antonio community recognized the benefits of the program and joined together to help purchase a permanent home for the Center at 332 W. Craig. The program grew rapidly in its new home, and services were improved and expanded. In the early years of the new millennium, it became clear that the program was growing out of the house on Craig Street, and Dr. Atkins and the dedicated and enthusiastic board of directors began to search for a larger site that would allow the Center to continue growing and serving more families. They found an outdated office building that offered 10,000 square feet of “growing room” and set about raising the funds needed to purchase and refurbish the building into the lovely, welcoming “Home with a Heart” that it is today.

This year the Children’s Bereavement Center is celebrating 20 years of service to the South Texas community – 20 years of providing children and their families with the support and guidance needed to rebuild their lives following the loss of a loved one. We are honored to serve the San Antonio and South Texas area and look forwards to the next 20 years.



New Resource: Out Came the Sun

The Center is celebrating the achievement of another goal – the creation of a booklet that can be used by teachers, nurses, doctors, parents – anyone who comes into contact with, and wants to help, a grieving child.

Out Came the Sun is a guide for parents, grandparents, teachers – anyone who may come in contact with a grieving child.

Out Came the Sun is a labor of love that was two years in the making. Now a reality, the book is being distributed to schools, hospitals, churches, pediatrician’s office and other organizations to provide useful information about how to support a child who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Every year the Center provides grief support services for over 1,500 children and adult caregivers. However, there are many more grieving children in San Antonio and surrounding counties who need comfort, support and understanding. For every one of these children, there is an adult parent or caregiver who is struggling to meet the needs of the child, while coping with their own grief. Out Came the Sun is designed to help these adults by providing descriptions of appropriate grief reactions, warning signs to watch for, recommendations for how to handle different issues, referrals to on-line support and helpful books and publications.

“It is our vision to be able to serve every grieving child in our community,” said Executive Director Marian Sokol, “But we know that is not realistic. We hope that by making this book available to as many people as possible, fewer children will find themselves walking the journey of grief alone, and more will be able to recover and lead healthy, productive lives.”

Thanks to Editor Michele Stanush for her insights and recommendations, and the team at TradeCraft for their creative guidance. The first printing of the book was made possible by a contribution from the San Antonio Pi Beta Phi Alumni Association. Already underway, the second printing was made possible by the Porter Loring Family.

The Center hopes to distribute Out Came the Sun to organizations and individuals who would find it most useful. If you would like to order a copy, you can CLICK HERE to contact the Center with your request.

To view now CLICK HERE.



Center Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Year

The Center began its 20th Anniversary year with a luncheon honoring 20 of its most steadfast supporters on October 13. Over 600 “close friends” gathered in the Mays Family Center at the Witte Museum to recognize and thank the individuals and organizations that have continued to support the Center’s mission throughout the past two decades.


Happy 20th!! Zak Williams (center), son of the late Robin Williams, was welcomed by 20th Anniversary chairmen (pictured left to right) Sallie Chasnoff, Janie Worth, Mallory Ahl, and Linda Fugit prior to the luncheon.

“We couldn’t have done it without you!” said Executive Director Marian Sokol during her remarks, adding, “We are so grateful to you, and for having this opportunity to publicly thank you.”

Chairs for the event were: Janie Worth, Linda Fugit, Sallie Chasnoff and Mallory Ahl. Tom and Pat Frost served as honorary chairs and Zak Williams, son of the late Robin Williams, shared the story of his own grief experience with attendees. The 20th Anniversary Committee worked on the event for 18 months and the 20 honorees will soon be recognized by a permanent art installation at the Center.