Happy Birthday to Us!!!

Martha Atkins relieved her sadness at the death of her brother, by imagining a grief center in San Antonio just for children. In 1997 that dream became reality when she began offering peer support to San Antonio’s grieving children. She started by offering one peer support group that served 19 families, carrying the materials she used for the groups in the trunk of her car, and borrowing space from different local churches for the group meetings.

Soon after its inception, the San Antonio community recognized the benefits of the program and joined together to help purchase a permanent home for the Center at 332 W. Craig. The program grew rapidly in its new home, and services were improved and expanded. In the early years of the new millennium, it became clear that the program was growing out of the house on Craig Street, and Dr. Atkins and the dedicated and enthusiastic board of directors began to search for a larger site that would allow the Center to continue growing and serving more families. They found an outdated office building that offered 10,000 square feet of “growing room” and set about raising the funds needed to purchase and refurbish the building into the lovely, welcoming “Home with a Heart” that it is today.

This year the Children’s Bereavement Center is celebrating 20 years of service to the South Texas community – 20 years of providing children and their families with the support and guidance needed to rebuild their lives following the loss of a loved one. We are honored to serve the San Antonio and South Texas area and look forwards to the next 20 years.