New Collaboration Offers Anticipatory Support

For some time the Center has received requests to provide anticipatory support for families who have received a serious or life threatening diagnosis. Children and adults in these families have a great need for comfort, understanding, support and guidance when faced with the challenges of a future filled with doctor’s visits, hospital stays, difficult treatments, and unknowable outcomes.

In 2016, the Center was asked by San Antonio’s START Center for Cancer Treatment and Research to provide anticipatory care for START Center patients and their families. Counseling and peer support groups for children 2-18 are provided by the Center’s staff at START’s Medical Drive location, in collaboration with a play therapist from Austin-based Wonders & Worries. Currently services are available every Tuesday, with plans to expand as need requires.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the START Center and Wonders and Worries to fill this gap in services for San Antonio families,” said Executive Director Marian Sokol. “We look forward to easing the anxiety of these children and to providing support for the adults who are coping with the challenges inherent with such a diagnosis.”

Referrals will come from START Center and the community at large. If you know someone in need of this service, contact Leslie Wood, LCSW at 210-736-4847, ext. 247 or at [email protected]