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Photographed from left to right: Kimberly Ternan, Jack, and their grandmother.

Thanks to Kimberly Ternan, who dedicated her Girl Scouts Gold Award to addressing the issue of Teen Grief. Teens and their families gathered together last Friday at the Center to kick off the new Teens Only Group.

It was after watching her younger brother struggle with grief after the death of his best friend that made Kim aware of the problems that can be caused by unresolved grief. This experience inspired her to help other teens in similar situations. From there Kim decided to devote her Gold Award project to educating grieving teens about the importance of asking for help.

Kim developed the idea of a video, Teens Take On Grief, that would show teens – from a teen’s perspective – “that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to need help, and that it’s important to ask for help.” She met with the staff to learn about the Center, plan, and get help with her project. She was impressed by the services provided, the different ways the staff meets the needs of bereaved children, and the effectiveness of the program.

According to Tami Logsdon, the Center’s Program Director, “The problem we struggle with all the time is the lack of awareness of our program. We feel that we are everywhere, all the time, telling people about our services, but in reality there is a much greater need, especially among teens.”

“There is no doubt that Kim’s film will be a great tool for us to use in getting the word out to the San Antonio and South Texas communities about our programs,” said Logsdon, adding, “It will help us realize our organization’s vision that “every grieving child and young adult in San Antonio and South Texas will have access to competent, compassionate care when facing the death of a loved one.”

For Kim, the most important message conveyed by Teens Take On Grief, is that “It’s not weak or uncool to grieve or to ask for help. It’s more important to do what you need to, in order to get better. It’s about YOU and about YOUR feelings.”

Beginning April 15, the Center will set aside one night each month exclusively for this age group. For more information about the Teens Only Group, check out our Teens Page or contact Tami Logsdon at (210) 736-4847, ext. 221.

Enjoy the film… #TeensTakeOnGrief